replacing elites?

This is just a theory of mine but looking at the Q&A of the latest halo bulletin one person mentioned elites not being available in MP and the response was that no they are not but there is something there to “scratch that itch” now in another part there was a question "will there be different enemies than in the trial we saw at e3? answer was yes
So what I’m thinking is perhaps there is a human like enemy that COULD (I’m not saying it is remember its just a THEORY) replace the elites as a MP character so maybe there Spartans vs forerunners. Imagine how badass the invasion game mode would be once again this is a theory

I interpreted his comment differently but I do find your idea intriguing. Doubt it will happen but Forerunners/Prometheans vs Spartans could be fun as an Invasion style gametype.

Yes, a theory. Although it would be cool.

That would be pretty cool, but I’m going to miss Elites.

Promethean knights is possible. Only being able to use forerunner weapons would be bad -Yoink-, but OP I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

But who knows if there is a human like promethian it could be more badass than the knights an that could use human an covenent weapons aswell :stuck_out_tongue: who knows

I’m torn on this. I hope there is another playable species, but it would be kind of insulting to the Elite community to replace them.

Maybe we’ll meet actuall organic Forerunners in the campaign, and be able to play as them in MP.

That or the Knights. Either way, it’d be pretty baws.