Replace the Stalker Rifle with the Shock Rifle

The Stalker Rifle is too weak to be a Sniper, the Shock Rifle would be a better option to have


I kind of agree. The stalker rifle is somewhat weak when comparing it to other sniper weapons. It is decently stronger than other guns though. It’s basically just a plasma version of the light rifle from Halo 4, but with the stronger scoped in shot always on. It’s still a decent weapon just not as immediate of a threat as something like the sniper, shock rifle or skewer.

The more I think about how many weapons share the same pad the more I’m beginning to think that 343 is lumping too many weapons together that don’t actually serve the same function or aren’t of equal caliber.


Plasma Pistol, Disruptor, Mangler

PP- shield removal weapon- Support
Disruptor- vehicle EMP, crowd control shock chain with enough damage output to get kills- Utility
Mangler- high damage per shot headshot “pistol”- Kills

Each of those guns serve a completely different purpose, but share the same pad and because of this The Mangler being reduced in function by the melee nerf. I personally feel like The Mangler is supposed to be more of a CQC weapon that shares the same power and effectiveness as the other two shotguns.

Looking at the shock rifle and stalker.
Shock Rifle- vehicle EMP with crowd control shock chain with high damage per shot and capable of one shot headshots- Kills/Utility
Stalker Rifle- 3 shot headshot kill- Kills

Pretty easy to see that one of those rifles does not have the same power or usefulness as the other.

Wow, I literally came to the forums to make this post but you beat me to it. I’m glad other people share the same opinion as me. Replacing the stalker rifle with the shock rifle is a must. I feel that a sniper playlist should be about fulfilling the fantasy of landing one shot headshot kills. There is no counter play in stalker rifle battles. If you get hit once, you can’t reverse it by landing a headshot, you just have to hope that the player shooting you has bad aim or try to run away. I really hope 343 can agree and make this change quickly. Using a stalker rifle is beyond boring in my opinion and also, so many players be leaving these stalker sniper matches, enough proof that this weapon is not a fan favorite.


The Stalker is already a Tactical Slayer variant, so I think putting it as a Team Sniper variant as well is a bit redundant.

It has greater magnification than the Shock Rifle, making it easier to hit at longer ranges, but the Shock Rifle has the same potential as all the other weapons that are lumped together in Team Snipers: one-shot kill potential. I’ve already seen plenty of people pose the question of whether the Shock Rifle is a more useful/stronger weapon than the Sniper Rifle, given its advantages.

To me, Shock Rifle is worthier as a Team Sniper variant than the Stalker which acts more as a Banished tactical rifle like the BR and Commando - or like the Promethean Light Rifle of old.