Replace the Halo Infinite Marketplace store with Halo 5’s Req Pack System

Replace the Marketplace store back with Halo 5’s req packs.

Clearly we have our own takes on how to improve the game, but honestly If Halo is going the mOnEtIZaTiOn route, then go with Halo 5’s Req system, if not, remove the paywall and go the Halo MCC System / Challenge system.

I encourage all to add there input, keep it clean, the Monitors have this new waypoint on lockdown when it comes to speaking your opinions, but valid opinions and criticism is needed for any community.

  1. Req packs / there contents would be based on what armor core you’re focusing on.

  2. What is in the Season passes cannot and should not be included in these req packs, You don’t want to feel ripped off like with the Helioskrill armor.

  3. Weapon skins should be excluded from the season passes and only obtainable from where the weapon customization is at.

  4. EX. Where you see the weapon coatings, well thats the only area they should pop up and be purchased from and shouldn’t be time gated, look into what Bungie is doing with there Exotic ornaments system.

  5. Armor Coatings should be excluded from the season pass and all should colors should be available, unless is a promotional coating, then yeah, allow players to WANT TO BUY IT or give them a way to earn it through gameplay.

  6. Also, give players back the colors, this isn’t Warframe and Warframe at least lets players retain the base colors.

  7. Unrelated to customization, but BRING BACK THE NORMAL COLOR SYSTEM!

  8. RED

  9. BLUE

  10. YELLOW

  11. PINK

  12. PURPLE

  13. No more of these lighter shades of the colors.

  14. Shield colors should be default Halo color and the outline color should be an outline color and not a whole shield color.

  15. Let players spawn with there Fire team / Squad in BTB

  16. Fix the weapon pool, there are more energy based weapons than kinetic based weapons and the kinetic based weapons have a lower Dps than energy based, boost it or balance it.

  17. Boost sprint by 1% or 2%, this would make the game more competitive, balanced and a lot funner to play.

  18. Emblems should be removed from the marketplace and from season passes.

  19. Boost the XP gains, this little fix didn’t really improve anything, but satisfied those who are impatient.


Absolutely not. REQ packs were probably THE WORST customization progression system ever seen in a Halo game.

Just bring back the Halo Reach XP and customization progression system? We earn credits and WE CHOOSE as to what we unlock with our hard-earned XP


Halo 5: Guardians’ REQ packs was an abomination. Despite the reputation of Halo: Infinite’s store, at least it is up front with what you are getting.


or, just a thought. Bring back achievement based progression. So that you actually feel that you have achieved anything.

But yes, the REQ packs was and are still a horrible idea.
The bad part about the Marketplace is that it is a rotating schedule.

and yes, the coating system is super annoying.


Look how the desperation has set in brothers. We are really at the point of begging to return to REQ packs. God help us :joy:


That is a downgrade. They need to add more armor and things acquired through playing the game, achievements, campaign, and maybe a separate ranking system like reach had. Maybe the store can offer discounts for doing something.

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I do not want that Loot Box Gacha nonsense ANYWHERE near Infinite. It sucked in 5, it sucks in Destiny, it sucks in all Gacha games, etc. REQ packs are wasteful gambling, and should never touch Infinite. I don’t like the store prices, and I’d prefer if I could buy store items individually, and save money by buying the whole bundle compared to buying them all separately, but at least people don’t have to gamble thousands of dollars in gacha to maybe get that one helmet they want, when they can just buy what they want now. Infinite’s store needs tweaks, but absolutely not gacha loot boxes.


Honestly, maybe, have a req pack system for free perfectly normal and a store for specific buying? None of the armor means anything anyways, it all seems just as luck/rng based to me with the challenge system and what garbage they put in the passes thus far.

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I actually can’t believe you are saying this. I have become genuinely upset since I read this. REQ PACKS ARE TEN TIMES WORSE THAN THIS AND I WOULD BUY A MILLION STORE BUNDLES FOR A BILLION YEARS BEFORE I BUY ONE REQ PACK.

  1. 90% of req packs were consumable weapons/vehicles, which is awful and PAY TO WIN
  2. ITS RANDOM. Random items, you can get a hundred req packs and not get the helmet you want.
  3. Destiny 2 is also a million times worse, pricing is terrible and they have a battlepass and overpriced dlc and make you pay to wear armor you already have in your inventory

I agree about coatings but the Halo 5 talk is ridiculous


Please tell me your joking about wanting to bring back those Notorious Req Packs from The Worst Halo in History? The Req Packs we’re terrible to have ever existed in the first place relying on a random card pack to hopefully obtain the one item you so deeply desire is stupid that’s like buying a hundred Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokémon card packs but ending up with the same duplicate card multiple times lol so absolutely never again do I want to hear mention of the Req Pack Gambling System of Halo 5 let it die in the Trash Heap that Spawned it to begin with.

Won’t have to deal with getting garbage weapons for a mode that doesn’t exist in infinite.

Instead of waitng 5 years for them to finally add your favorite color scheme only for them to sell it to you, you can spin a wheel repeatedly and hope you get lucky and get it.


Req packs get acquired through the game, technically…
And would likely allow us to get more without paying money


Halo 3 had the only correct way to get halo armor in my opinion.


Req packs = Pay 2 Win

So i hear people like Pay 2 win now? Maybe i shall spend $1000 on getting a BR that shot rockets?!? :smiley:

I think the main point of wanting req packs back. Is that you could actually earn them and progress normally. This game for pure free players puts you in a default skin for ages. (hopefully buying the campaign let’s you unlock more free stuff for the base armor core)

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I feel like a lot of angry folks responding didn’t actually read the whole post. The req packs were bad because they created pay to win mechanics. What OP is suggesting is different and would be a vast improvement on the current system, even if it’s not ideal.

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Yep exactly. The predatory system needs to be dropped entirely. I may not have been a big fan of Reach’s grindy system but it was nowhere near as bad as Infinite/H5’s predatory systems and I have had enough of stupid loot box’s.

Req packs were dog water tbh. They should just slash prices to make it more palatable at this rate.

10$ for legendary skins (think rainbow six elite skins. You get Chief from the package, odsts from the babysitter, daisy from homecoming etc)

5$ for armor sets (Anubis etc)

1-2$ for visor colors, skins and emblems

Get rid of the coating system.

They still get to make money off us but at the same time people won’t be pissed about the cost.

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no, nuke the store…ONLY the battlepass

Oh hell naw imagine suggesting that we bring back the rng gamble boxes

There’s a huge reason why no one liked it

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