Replace random pelican drops with set spawns for vehicles

343 needs to replace the random pelican vehicles drops with set vehicle spawns because this makes games so one sided and unfair.

At first when 343 showed this before infinite’s launch I thought it was cool after seeing what happens with it, the pelicans need to go.

Just played a total control match on Deadlock my team and the enemy team scored one point and we went into overtime. The A flag is placed on our pelican drop spawn point and the other team just capped it and took control of the area and our pelican comes in and just hands the other Team a scorpion and they end up winning the game because the driver pulls an overkill immediately after taking control. They literally got handed the win from the game it was total bs.

Fix this with set spawns 343 the random pelican drops make it one sided especially with multiple scenarios of matches I’ve had where literally the enemy team is given a tank by their pelican and ours gives a gungoose. Like wow so fair, so onesided.


TL;DR version: I agree that the Pelican Drops should be removed from BTB.

Something like that could have happened even with fixed spawns both in older Halo titles or in Infinite. For example on High Power the Wasp spawns are not tied to the Pelican Drop system and by luck or skill one player can steal the enemy team’s Wasp and get air supremacy for their team.

With that being said I do totally agree that the Pelica Drop system should be removed from the game and placed in a shared folder named “BAD IDEAS NEVER TO BE USED AGAIN” on 343i development servers.

This system is horrendously unbalanced and completely killed the possibility of having “big epic moments” since at any given point thare are very few, if any at all, vehicles on the map. Fragmentation and Stockpile are the worst offenders. Good thing Fragmentation wasn’t used to promote BTB with Banshees, Wasps, Scorpions and Warthogs battling each other…

Wait. That happened right here:

But even ignoring that, what should not be ignored, in my opinion, is this part here:

I also have lost more matches than I care to count due the Pelicans dropping a Scorpion to the enemy team while my team got a Gungoose or a Banshee. The match instantly gets one sided and there is no more reason to play the game. It’s almost like the game itself feels that you are having fun and decides that it must be stopped.

And just to give feedback (hoping 343i at least read it): remove the random drops (all of them), have statich vehicle spawn and use the Pelicans (if you really want to have them for some reason) as an animation for respawning a vehicle.

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Scorpions should be removed in general until very late game they are extremely OP and have no place in BTB games with players that spawn with ARs and no counter weapons

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