Replace Personal AI voices with the classic Halo multiplayer announcer (Jeff Steitzer)

Halo Infinite is a welcome return the classic Halo feel, but I’ve noticed the absence of the classic Halo multiplayer announcer, Jeff Steitzer. You still hear him occasionally, but the Personal AI has largely replaced him. For example, in a ctf match, your Personal AI announces when your flag has been taken or returned. They don’t acknowledge killing sprees, betrayals, etc in the same way. I don’t like this. I find the Personal AIs to be pretty generic and uninteresting. Replacing the announcer with the Personal AI makes Halo Infinite feel less like classic Halo.

I miss hearing classic sound bites like, “Gained the lead! Lost the lead! Double kill! Triple kill! Betrayal! Flag captured! Flag returned!”

However 343 has already developed the new AI system. I’m sure that some players like it. It’s likely that there are going to be more AIs added in the future that will be a part of Battle Pass. It’s unreasonable to expect 343 to drop the feature. So here’s what I propose:


  • 343 should add a new AI that has the voice of the classic multiplayer announcer, Jeff Steitzer
  • This AI should speak and behave like the classic Halo multiplayer announcer
  • This should be the default AI
  • Players can still choose a different AI if they prefer

If this was implemented, it would give all players a classic experience out-of-the-box. Players who prefer the other AIs can still choose them. Everyone wins. Just don’t put this behind a paywall, please 343 :pray:


i agree! Jeffs voice is iconic to halo. And the game loses some of that classic halo feel without it


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