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For as long as I can remember I’ve been able to steadily rank up match after match in any game I’ve ever played. You put in time and effort, and you get rewarded for it, right? Rank increases, more and more XP and all that good stuff. What allows this is the ability to join a match with similarly skilled players. If I’m a very skilled player, I don’t wanna be playing against Noobs and vice versa.
However, that’s not how it works in Halo 5, much to everyone’s disappointment and ongoing frustration. I have a few mates who I tried to introduce to Halo 5 but they kept getting matched with Onyx level players and often some Champs also. This matchmaking flaw of throwing players new to Halo in with veterans does not make an enjoyable experience. Similarly, every season in ranked I just can’t seem to get beyond Diamond 6 because I keep getting whipped by the Champ players I match with and 343 punishes me for not quitting by bringing my rank down a notch. I feel like this is a major issue and several Halo vets such as Legendaryprof81 and xStrangesThings have commented on the poor changes Josh Menke has made to Halo 5’s matchmaking. I really think the people at 343 should consider hiring someone else in his place who can better understand what the community wants and actually listen to the criticism in order to improve the game.
These posts are getting banned and I have no clue why as they’re not hateful and do not contain vulgar language but simply some constructive criticism. We are simply asking for a change of personnel for the role of Lead Engagement Designer or at the very least, for Menke to curb this downward spiral of poor updates and changes to the matchmaking and start making improvements based or real community feedback.

But the ranking works!

Sure there are plenty of occasions in which I hate the current system but it does work.
If i win, i go up in the ranks and if I lose, i drop. This is a team based game, so don’t go in as a solo player and expect to get the rank you actually should be.

I believe the reward for beating a team of champs should be greater for lower tier ranks but if you’re a Champion, it’s so easy to lose that rank if you’re beaten.

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It’s worked for me, but judging from all the stories I hear about TS2 failing, I’m afraid to say not everyone’s shared my experience. Although I haven’t been playing that often lately, so maybe there’s been a change I’m unaware of to it. If there is one, please tell me about it, I’m extremely curious now.

Most things in AAA games are worked on by whole teams; there are managers and directors, but it’s pretty much never the case that any one person is responsible for how things turn out, so it’s grossly unfair to blame one person (or a few) when things don’t go your way. For that reason and others, calling for the departure/firing of employees is considered non-constructive on principle. Cheering for it is even worse.

I recommend people read the rules before attempting to post this topic again

As another note - Dr. Menke designed the Halo ranking system, including Halo 3 and 5 (they use the same base). it’s worth doing your research first before attempting to tell someone they don’t know how to perform their job. the current system has been explained in depth multiple times, all the info is out there.

You can start here then read the matchmaking feedback archives: