Replace BTB Slayer Pro with BTB Throwdown.

I’ve seen a lot of commotion about the addition of Slayer Pro and its complete difference from Infinity Slayer. Here’s a compromise. Add a variant of Throwdown Slayer to replace Slayer Pro.

This gametype could be changed to be like Pro by adding all the marksman (and the upcoming auto) Loadouts and turning on the motion tracker. It would also give everybody that likes ordinance or armor abilities a chance at getting a few via the Throwdown ordinance which strictly gives you: thruster pack, hard light Shield and hologram.

I see this as a potential compromise perhaps? It blends everybody’s styles but is accessible enough for people to play it and naming it Throwdown Slayer adds a sort of mystery to the people that don’t play Team Throwdown.

Perhaps this might suit your needs:

Pro vs. Team