Reorganize Loadout REQ's for Warzone & Warzone FF

Hello Spartans,
I want to bring up something that is an issue for me but I think could be solved fairly quickly. the root cause of the problem is that there are too many load-out REQ packs. More specifically there are too many UNORGANIZED REQ packs to select from when playing any of the Warzone playlists. I am not complaining abut the amount of load-out options that are available, but that because there is over 20 AR’s and over 30 BR’s one has to hold the d-pad or press it multiple times to get to the higher level REQ options like the knight blade or energy bayonet. And when you want to have all your load-out options in order to re-spawn the quickest you don’t want to waste time passing through all the lower level REQs to get to the better ones at the higher end.

I would suggest a reorganization of the load-out menu. Possibly a vertical selection menu and maybe add in the option of having a preferred REQ at the different levels. One example would be that once i acquire lv4 REQ’s then my load-out could automatically be set to the extended ammo BR or which ever option i have chosen. At the very least have the highest available REQ packs at the beginning of the menu so you don’t have to go past all the lv 1 & 2 REQ’s each time you want to change your load-out for a more upgraded weapon.

I love this series and have been playing online since Halo 2 and i just want to see this series grow and adapt and continually get bette and more enjoyable to play. I hope that some high up developer or manager reads this and can start some kind of team to try and better organize the loadout options for everyone playing Halo 5.

Thank you


I would very mush like a filter system. Or at least a favourites list.

Support forum is for troubleshooting and reporting technical issues. This sort of feedback topic would be more appropriate here or here.