reoccurring nightmare

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So I have this reoccurring nightmare
>be me
>driving around Coagulation in my warthog
>I hear a struggle in the blue base
>crouch walk to top of base and look down inside
>see chief on the ground surrounded by 343
>“we gon make you squeal like a pig boy”
>343 savagely assaults chief
>some random named Locke puts on chiefs suit and runs off to make a horrible story
>I look up in the sky and see the Halo
>a massive monster 343 game designer approaches the Halo with a Call of Duty t-shirt on
I wake up in cold sweats and reality sets in when I glance over at my Xbox one. 343 really did rape halo.

My nightmares are filled with -Yoinking!- stupid R.E.Q. packs.

And a whole lot of Vaseline usage while the song “Cold Hearted Snake” by Paula Abdul plays in the background…I don’t sleep well…

inb4 locke

My nightmares consist of whining “Halo” fans and nonstop complaints about Halo 5. I am truly in a living nightmare.