Renewed my passion for Halo

After the release of Halo 3 my wife and I decided to start a family. My interest in video games and playing had greatly waned as I could not really find a game that just drew me back. I picked up Halo 5 at launch and even though I have had limited time to play. I can say this game has truly returned my passion for Halo and playing video games. Some nights I should be in bed sleeping but I found myself just wanting to log on to play a few games of Free for All.

This game is different than Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4. That is a good thing. Not in a sense that those games were bad but something different and a change is always great. Here is what I enjoy about the game:

Maps- really enjoying the Multiplayer maps they are designed well enough that you do not spend a lot of time trying to find someone to get into a gun fight with. They also allow for space between multiple players on the map so that not everyone is on top of everyone. They also allow for area control, not camping. I mean moving around the pathways in a part of the map while getting kills.

Req pack system- I really enjoyed a similar mechanic in Mass effect 3 and I am enjoying it in Halo 5. It is a great reward system. My view is the type of mechanic is a great way to reward people who play the game. You play for awhile gather some points. Unlock a few gold req packs and enjoy the rewards.

Weapons- I enjoy all the weapons. Yet again they feel different and that is good. My personal favorite so far is the the sub machine gun. I am not sure why because it has a strong recoil. Though I just love using that gun in Multiplayer games.

Glad to hear it. Still praising that Sun?

Veteran Halo fans don’t need to blindly hate new Halo games. You and I are proof of that.

I have played every Halo, and H5’s Mp is the best since Halo 3. Really got me back into Halo multiplayer.

I hear you man. I fell off around halo 3. This game has brought me back. I can’t quit playing.