Renegade Nation - Halo 4 Clan

Bonjour! I am A Bandit Chief, in-charged of a Halo 4 clan called Renegade Nation. If you like playing with a full team with mics, and doing custom games with adults - and not having to worry about those kids yelling in your ear, then I suggest reading the following.

Now, you may be asking yourself why you should join Renegade Nation and not one of the other thousands of clans. What sets up apart from the ordinary clan or community is our additude. When you sign up and join Renegade Nation, you don’t have to change your gamer tag or add anything in your profile. If you want to test it out, you can put ‘Guest’ in your application, and you will be welcomed to use the site as long as you want - until you break a rule.

Now, if you’re the more competitive type you’re welcome to join Renegade Nation’s Armed Forces. Which deals with clan battles. And practice you must attend. During clan battles you will have to change your emblem - as you represent Renegade Nation. We do have two requirements: One, have a mic/and or be able to hear. Two, be on time when doing a practice or clan battle. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ section, please PM, and I’ll answer it. Thanks for reading.



At 6pm PST, Renegade Nation will be having a matchmaking night. If you’re looking to play with a team that: callouts, plays to win and communicates effectively, then send me a message and I’ll try and get you in one of our lobbies.

Matchmaking Night!

Date? 11/20th

Time? 5:30pm PST

Info: Depending on how many attend, will determine what we do. So, of you’re looking to play matchmaking with us, you got the site URL. :wink:

Side Note Anyone who signs up Enjin: Website does not exist will have their spot saved.