are they ever coming back?

I doubt it mate! 343 said they have no plans atm. they are focusing on stuff for h4 not reach… maybe we will see it again if there nice :stuck_out_tongue:

> are they ever coming back?

No clue. Maybe…

> are they ever coming back?

In regards to Halo? As of right now, 343i doesn’t have any plans to implement this service for Reach, however that doesn’t mean it’s not out of the question for future titles. I wouldn’t necessarily bank on it, though. As of right now, the only way to capture gameplay video is through a capture card.

Rendering videos for Halo was a service created by Bungie, through Bungie Pro, and not a service of Halo. Bungie’s confirmed that Bungie Pro (along with it’s video and media services) will be resurrected with their new title, however, for the time being, it’s shut down.

I still have a few render minutes haha.
Maybe I should upload a few clips for kicks.
Maybe some fails, put them on youtube.

Either way, I asked a similar question in BS Angels thread “Got a question about waypoint? Ask Here!” or something close to that name.

I asked if rendering clips would become available again in Halo 4. If she says there are no current plans, I’m just going to get a capture rather than wait.