Rename Spartan Ops

Its one thing to copy cods spec ops, but putting “ops”, at the end of spartan is just ridiculous. Playing Spartan Ops for Spartan Points just doesn’t appeal to me. It seems to me that this is something 343 would be able to easily change.

True, This starts the comparison to halo and call of duty. Which it did for me straight up

Spartan Ops isn’t Spec Ops but yes they should really rename it, it’s worse than “Halo 3: Recon”.

Semi agree. However the term “ops” was certainly not coined by the CoD franchise and is a fitting term. I do see how this comparison occurs though. Im indifferent.

Little Timmy was first in line to pre-order.

Definitely rename this. and for the love of god Spartan Points? SPARTAN POINTS?!?!. Honestly sounds like they let a 5 year old name it.

Spartan Operation Jerico.

I agree, once this gets out to the COD community we’ll never hear the end of it.

Also, if it ditches the Spartan part as well maybe we could get more then one extra campaign and the second could be played as some Elites, and a third for the new enemy as the protagonists.

Austin7934 sees “Spartan Ops,” responds, WHAT…
Austin7934 reads about it… That sounds pretty cool actually…

Me thinks the name needs to be changed. THATS ALL.

Spartan ops…Spartan points…these names…make me want to throw up. Seriously.

Spartan Ops

In all seriousness, needs a new name, that’s it.