Rename 'MCC: Bug Investigation' to 'Patch Updates'

I’m a big fan of file names matching their contents.

I like this idea. A lot of unnecessary threads are being created with people asking for the latest patch update because they don’t know where to look to find it.

I agree. Also, for the love of the Mantle, please make a single thread for bug reports so that I don’t find 500+ topics for different bugs.

Agreed. It took some searching to find that update last night. Also, it would be nice to come to the support forum and not find tons of posts about how they “want their money back”. Last I checked, a support forum is not the place to do that. I’ve gotten refunds in the past by talking to the actual company I bought it from (HINT: it wasn’t 343i). People need to calm down, sit down and play some campaign, and be patient for the patch to fix things in the coming week. If it’s like Destiny and there are still major problems with playing a month out, then we can complain. Seriously, Dragon Age and Sunset Overdrive are the only games I’ve played this year on next gen consoles that weren’t glitchy messes from the start…