Rename BTB to Big Team Arena and do BTB right

They should rename it BTA Big Team Arena, and give us BTB back with tanks and vehicles at bases in large open maps. They could also add back BTSF Big Team Super Fiesta. I hate 343’s version of BTB. It’s just larger Quick Play. 343 has proven since Halo 4 that they cannot make good BTB maps. They’re cramped, no room to fly a Banshee or drive a Scorpion, littered with unclimbable rocks, cliffs, and hills, that even a Warthog struggles to traverse.

We have half the vehicles Reach had, and I’m sick of not being able to turn around in these stupid trenches. You go off the roads they designated you to drive on by even a little bit, and you’re either stuck or you flip over.

This is not Big Team Battle. 343 needs to go play MCC more, fire their map design team, or hire Bungie devs or fans of the Bungie BTB games, to make larger open maps with vehicles at base.

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