Removing weapon pickup in Fiesta

It seems that in Fiesta, many people are upset that the enemy “always gets good weapons”. But I’ve noticed, sometimes people will pick up a power weapon to replace their “bad weapon”. Most weapons in the game serve their purpose, but some are better at killing than others. But, I propose that instead of letting people pick up weapons, they learn the sandbox and how each gun works. Tired of the one guy always picking up the energy sword? Now he has to use his sentinel beam! Someone sniped you after grabbing a shock rifle? They’re now using a stalker rifle!
The only problem I forsee is when you need to grab a skewer to destroy a vehicle. But, with shock weapons in the game, you can slow them down that way. Another problem could be people feeling like every spawn they get trash weapons. Like, Assault Rifle and Sidekick, when the enemy got a cindershot every time. But, at least this way when they get the garbage, you can use your power weapons.
Secondary Idea: During the Tenrai event, try this no pick up Fiesta. Many inexpirienced players want to get the weekly done. It would be much easier to get kill joys if someone gets a chance to dominate while everyone else has bad weapons.


The whole point of fiesta is using what you spawn with to kill someone with a better weapon to use that to get further kills. It’s literally the whole concept/meta of the game.


If I spawn with the plasma pistol and pulse carbine and can’t swap the weapons I’ll just jump off the map.


And if @TooLegitified uses that plasma pistol and pulse carbine to kill rocket man, he’ll be rewarded with rockets.


I hate that one of my recent Fiesta matches had me spawn with the AR and Sidekick 4 times… meanwhile the enemy started out with 3 of them having a hammer and some other weapon.

  • Rocketman sees TooLegitified
  • Rocketman sends rocket
  • TooLegitified is ded because he had the Drop-Wall and not Repulsor.


If anything this past week, I was happy to see the rocket man. I threw myself at him willingly so that he might get a spree, and my buddy a killjoy.

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Although, watch this one Rambo

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You know I usually like your points of view but not here.

You seem to be arguing for OP’s non pick up but then if there were no pickups then you’d be stuck with your AR and sidekick for each of your lives.

If you played smart using your weapons as they are intended, you would be able to swap your weapons out for better ones so the current system is far better.

Weapons are balanced (obviously they need balancing further ATM), rockets have to be reloaded more often for example and forcing rocketman into close quarters will at least give a trade and either get them out of circulation or give your team a chance to pick them up.

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This post also further highlights the many posts claiming fiestas RNG is unfair. It is not, the better players are the ones using the poor weapons to get better ones.

OP suggests the people swapping out their weapons do not know how to use the poorer weapons, not the case at all, the better players use the poor weapons to get better weapons.

Not to mention if there were no pickups, you’d either have to have unlimited ammo or people punished for playing well by having no weapon after a spree.

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In summary we need ranked fiesta oddball.

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Well H5 did ranked super fiesta for one season and they had oddball and strongholds in with fiesta party (not sure about CTF, obviously husky raid) so it’s possible.

Good RNG timing.

Drop Wall takes so long to deploy that often times the rocket blows you up and then the wall comedically pops up to mark your grave as an energy-tombstone.


Yeah I missed out on that mode. Darn :sneezing_face:

No I am NOT arguing for OP’s decision.
I am arguing against it. If I somehow manage to kill someone with better loot, I would happily take up their better weapons instead of reload my own weaksauce tools.

That’s ok then, was gonna take you outside :joy:

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My teaming was calling that guy out for me so I was expecting him haha.

It is slow. My sensitivity isn’t up high enough to flick my view down to the ground, throw it, and then look back up. That’s the fastest way to deploy, eliminating the travel time from the throw.


Tip for dropwall - look at your feet when you deploy it, it’s pops immediately. Obviously if your mid gunfight then may not be advisable


Stealing my suggestions huh @XEQoot :wink:

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:joy:I didn’t even see that. Think was mint blitz video I saw it in originally, sorry :roll_eyes:

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