Removing Valhalla in 4v4 social

If this, by some miracle reaches the folks at 343 Industries, please remove Valhalla from 4v4 social. Its too big, the gameplay is slow, and if someone quits, the game just never ends. There is no shortage of maps in H3 and removing Valhalla should be no problem.

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Bump, Bump, Bump

Also known as, add veto back to the original titles.


It’s interesting, if there was a way to play Valhalla in a 6v6 mode, I think that it would be at least a bit more enjoyable. I actually think that’s one of the few things that Halo 4 did right. Allow for a 6v6 mode in addition to the traditional 4v4 and 8v8 modes. It makes it so that maps like Ragnarok (which is basically Valhalla in Halo 4) doesn’t either feel too empty or too crowded.

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