Removing FF doubles was wrong

I just can’t get past the fact that Fire Fight Doubles was removed from the list of Cooperative Matchmaking. Ever since Halo Reach gave the option of 2 players linking up and playing FF without the involvement of other players I have been playing that game mode most often. It gave me the chance to play with my brother, my nephew, and even sometimes my friends without any players badmouthing in gamechat or just shooting down the vehicle which you might be trying to drive. Now all I find is almost 50% of the time when I want to pick a perfect sniping spot, I get “bumped out” of it by some1 who just wants to be a little more than annoying. It is either that, or I don’t play with an overshield and the pick of any weapon with infinite ammo. I don’t know the true reason that Bungie decided to remove the FF Doubles, but that decision was a major setback to players who just want to have fun with the game and gain achievements with the weapons and ammo they desire. I know that people used FF doubles to “boost” their account fast (I did it some), but I found more enjoyment in the game just playing it with my brother or nephew and being able to finish the game in the vehicle I commandeered or in my “upstairs” sniping spot…with infinite ammo of my weapon choice. If the reason was to stop boosting, this decision did more damage than good, for it may have stopped some1 from gaining levels as quickly, but it forces any1 who wants assists, infinite ammo, or an overshield to have to play with a “jerk” unless they have the ability to keep 4 controlers operating so that they don’t get banned from earning points. My lag is so great that most of the time I lag out of the game anyway, and it would just be easier to be able to play with some1 on my link(where I don’t have lag) to get my commendations and have FUN playing the game. With the ommition of the FF doubles and other limits, the rules of this game are seemimgly trying to crack down on the boosters…but in doing all of this it has created other problems as well. I can’t play the game now with my nephew (who is 6) and niece (who is 5) for the reason that they may let the controller sit for too long and I will not b able to earn credits for a whole week. Why are there no bans on those who badmouth for a week? Or those who intentionally shoot you right out of your vehicle?? Or those who intentionally run you over in one??? I’d be happy if FF doubles just came back…wouldn’t be that hard to bring it back. I would have fun gaining my commendations again. Thanks for those who took the time to read this.

It wasn’t Bungie that did this, it was 343 Industries.

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