Removed from Virgin Challenge - 100% Legit

Now I need some help pretty desperately, I’ll explain my situation:

I purposely went into Tier 2, as I knew people would be stat paddling the entire Tier 1 and didn’t stand a chance playing legit.

I played 12th - 19th without a single player joining me (And not playing for themselves) and helping me out specifically for the challenge.

I played around 18 hours a day, first few days 20 hours a day, slept 4 hours. Had a fridge full of energy drinks and almost made myself ill playing all week.

I have an idea why I’ve been banned.

I was 8th and very close behind 7th on the second last day, I slept until 24 hours was left and played the last 24 hours straight.

I ended up 8th but some people who were nowhere near top 10 had shot up to 4th and 5th, they have been removed and rightly enough, they were stat paddling with other players helping them.

But why me? My good friend of many years who played on “Must be a Noob” came first and is getting his headset, we both played together and slept almost the same times???

I need to fix this somehow because I won’t put up with at least not getting something, I played an entire week and made myself feel sick to only find out I was kicked off for cheating, when I didn’t cheat!

I need a way to contact 343, whether the internet or phone because I’m seriously getting screwed here. My stats can be checked and it can be seen I did NOT play all week, I never had players helping me specifically for challenge, only playing with me.

As far as i am aware the leader boards haven’t even been changed, so how do you know if you’ve been removed from the infinity challenge?
Did you recieve an e-mail?
They are still gonna take a week or more, as long as it takes to check everybody’s stats who won a prize, be patient.

It says at the top of the leaderboard people who have been found to cheat will be removed immediately with no warning.

I have been removed and played 100% legit the entire time.

I just need a way to get in touch with them I at least want a reason why when I spent 20-24 hours a day playing.

343i get in here!

I knew from the beginning that stat paddling COULD result in been banned.

I was not risking been banned for ANYTHING. So I played on the same connection, same Xbox, Same IP and never played with the same people more than a few hours at a time (Only friends who were doing challenge as well, one of the guys I played with came FIRST! So he obviously was not helping me to his disadvantage)

This is just crazy, I put so much effort and time into this just to be branded a cheater.

I have never cheated in any game EVER online. I think it ruins the game and the community.

Please 343, or something with a solid way to contact them this is really stressful and I just want a reply.

Have you tried contacting -Yoink!- Gaming?

Yeah dude that was my first idea.

They said there’s nothing they can do and 343 control the stat tracking and score monitoring.

This is my account that got removed from the leaderboard yesterday. Feel free to check my recent games/stats. 100% legit.

You might also try:


@bsangel or BS Angel

You should contact the people that run the contest for help with this.