Remove XP Limit

It’s stupid and pointless. After 5 hours of playing I can no longer get XP for the rest of the day. I know there are plenty of people out there that share my opinion.


I can think of NO pro about that crap, but many cons

you can think of NO pros?
could it possibly decrease boosting? either that or get kids with no social life or jobs to go out and do something

heads up a xp limit doesn’t get ppl with no life 2 go outside and i’ve read were ppl was saying it keeps ppl from having a unfair advantage which makes NO FING SENSE bc what do u get from lvl up? new armor and weapons that look different but do the same damn thing… but i guess when u look cooler u do better?.. i’ve never read anything that looking cooler=more damage but thats the only reason no xp limit would make ppl have a unfair advantage if u wont fair make it were theres no weapon drops so everyone starts with the weapons u can unlock their then some guy with a rocket launcher and needler. and u said it stops ppl boosting thats a load of crap too bc ever since i got my assassion mastery the real way all i see now is ppl killing other players that are “mystery” not playing and when u start kill the “not playing ppl” the person kill them and the ppl that “aren’t playing” leave 2ther. in my option xp limit is just there 2 piss ppl off and 2 make it take longer for the good player 2 get the armour/lvl they wont oh another thing it’s soooo stupid 2 offer a double xp from moution dew and have a xp limit

Ive never gotten into COD online but this XP Limit makes me want COD Black Ops 2. I used to Play Reach ALL DAY and never reach the XP Cap. Ive met the XP Cap 3 Times already and its aggravating. REMOVING the cap doesnt give me an advantage because I still have to PLAY those games to get XP. Even my friends are saying theres no point in doing challenges now. first 343 takes away the display of ranks now this low XP limit. Its ridiculous. Bungie was better when it came to online. Not to mention theres only 3 maps on slayer. They are punishing people for wanting to play their game alot.