Remove the Vehicles from fiesta

They make the mode so unfun. Pray to god, you get a rocket or something else if your opponents get the tank. They really did not think this through. That and the weird -Yoink!- load out system for fiesta.

Lmao random vehicles in fiesta has been awesome fun. Most of the vehicles are made out of wet paper anyways. You need to get a bit better if you can’t figure out how to take them down.


They’re not really much of a problem when people can spawn in with anti-vehicle weapons…


Only launch site is bad because it spawns the majority of the vehicles on one side. And some of those one sided vehicle spawns can be tanks and air vehicles. Seems really one sided. Literally.

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Launch site is a bad map, take it out of rotation and problem solved


The big problem for me is that they seem to cause game crashes on some maps where they’re not supposed to be. For instance on Launch Site I was in a wraith yesterday, someone shot me with an overcharged plasma pistol as I shot a mortar, and the game broke immediately because too much was going on I guess.

Also the scorpion is op as always, but at least with fiesta you have access to an assortment of weapons that can damage it

Or a disruptor, or a skewer, or a cindershot, or a shock rifle, or a gravity hammer, or a repulsor, or a grappleshot