Remove the Red Glow around spartans

Just like the title says, remove the red glow around spartans, its like a beacon that blips out and everyone can see you plain as day.

Its insulting that you guys think we need a bright red outline to see our enemies.

You say that but my teammates already throw grenades at me and punch me in the back.

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A much better system existed in previous Halos, you got to choose a variation of blue, and a variation of red for team based modes.

Not going to happen seeing as if someone spent $20 on white…they’ll want to wear it


thats their fault for attacking a bright blue person. And that doenst happen in social games, there is no friendly fire.

you never got to choose your variation of blue. You were either red or blue, no in between.

And yes you can customize yourself, no one is standing there looking at your armor during a game. The armor is for you and you alone, no one cares about your armor, only mine. So that argument is nonsense

And im not talking about it just being a color, im talking about it advertising that your are there as a glowing red beacon of light. No reason for it.

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I watched my son playing on his PC last night and he’d somehow changed it in the options so the enemy was bright yellow. Much easier to see than the red or blue outlines. I’m going to try and do this on my series X.

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That would make your argument only for social then. You could say to have rvb in ranked, but the whole reason why it’s not the color of our spartans is so we can see coatings and stuff. So why not have it in social as well? Eliminate the coatings completely? I think your argument has some flaws.

This has been a huge complaint and I made a thread about this the other day.

Look at tins Reddit thread. Over 6knlijes going back months before this beta.

Outlines sucks especially on opponents everybody looks like a stupid hologram running around.

Just google it and see how many threads there were months ago about this. Yet 343 who doesn’t like feedback and knows everything still has it.

One of many bad things in this release.

Way to tank franchise 343!!!


there is no flaws. like i just said, NO one NO one cares about your armor except you. an easy solution since you whales really have to be special is to turn off the red outline only. Leave the blue one on the team mates.

Then, blue=good, other colors =bad.

This is the first halo ever to have a dress up simulator this badly. If it aint broke dont fix it

im banned from the halo reddit apparently. i just checked. They cant handle criticism, they will ban me here i bet.

$10 says you didn’t use the search before posting this…

dont need to when. More people who post about it the faster it gets spotted. Did you need to post nothing to contribute? No, but you did.

Hate the glow, hate the scoped glow. Make the opponents pay attention. So dumb

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