Remove the quit ban.

What would you rather? Someone leaving and leaving your team down a man. But think of it. Less people for the other team to kill. If you are decent at the game then it should be no problem killing the other team or use your team to your own advantage. I agree, it is hard to do but is possible.
But on the other hand your teammate doesnt want to play and avoid the ban. That person could simpily go AFK. Thats what I do when Im playing a game I want to quit. Dont flame me for it because honestly I dont care. You can stop my way of playing. The AFK teammate is not providing anything for the team (kills, objective, etc) but the opposing team can easily kill them. If its slayer then it really hurts your side of the scoreboard.
Another thing your teammate could easily do which I see a lot is betraying or shooting their own team. It really affects how you play being one shot all the time.
In conclusion of that an AFK teammate dies and does nothing at all. Someone who quit is out of the game and probably in another one. They arent dying but they arent getting kills. Honestly Id rather my teammate quit then go AFK or shoot me.
So please read this and look at it my way. All it does is give you an incentive not to quit but that doesnt mean they dont have to play. If you disagree then dont bother flaming and such. Its online I could care less.

If the game were more enjoyable to play, there wouldn’t be nearly as much quitting. I just dashboard if a crappy map/gametype wins the vote, simply because Reach is tedious enough under optimal conditions.

No do not remove it as then quitting will go up if it wasn’t terrible already.

No, what they should do is remove the mute ban. The quit ban is a minor inconvenience that only lasts 10 minutes. The mute ban is permanent. The majority of people I unmute aren’t deserving of it.

Keep the ban as it stops people randomly quiting when they like . If no ban a 10000cr dedudction from quiter for punishment!