Remove Team Swords from H3 Action Sack PLEASE

Seriously I got this garbage mode 3 times in a row, either remove grenades from it, or remove it entirely and replace it with a BETTER MODE.

Out of curiosity, what playlist do you think it belongs in if not Action Sack? I dont see us getting a “Team Melee” anytime soon.

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It just shouldn’t be in H3 action sack. Give us stuff like Fat Kid, Jenga, that kind of stuff for Action Sack.

I agree that grenades should be removed from it, but I want it to stay. It’s one of my favorite gametypes.


I like Swords… When it works.

As it is now, it’s just frustratingly broken with the only viable attack being the main, slow, swing attack. Meleeing has like a 90% chance of not register.


In all honesty if the grenades were removed, the melee hit fixed, and the speed boosted up to 200% I’d be hella down with Team Swords, but it just devolves into slow moving grenade spam after the first 10 kills. Oh also remove radar, it has no reason to exist in this mode.


I’d say 150 speed, 200 is a bit wacky.

H3 movement is frozen molasses speed. We want crazy, it’s called “Action Sack” not “Competitive ranked” the wackier, the better.

Is it just me or is finding a “fiesta” gametype in action sack extremely rare? I don’t get why “SHWATGUNS” is in action sack and not in the “SWAT” gametype


Actually, yeah.
200 speed and 150+ gravity (otherwise you just go flying and it gets slow again).
But then I’d also say add plasma grenades (high-speed drive-by sticks are so satisfying)

I think Fiesta is weighed properly, for once (I just want the whole “weight” system to go die in a ditch), but it’s the existance of garbage modes like Hammers, Schwatguns, and especially Duals (whoever decided to put Duals Slayer in Action Sack should be banned from game design) that ruins it.

I would prefer Action Sack to have these game modes.

No, there shouldn’t be grenades in a mode called “Team Swords” it should be only Swords or nothing at all.

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Would you make this same statement about SWAT/Snipes/Team BRs?

I would for SWAT (when I make custom games I do not include grenades in SWAT, because they’re too OP without shields), possibly would for snipers, and definitely would not for BRs.

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