Remove team matching in ranked Team Slayer

Easy change and many people will enjoy it. Indeed, that is how it used to be on xbox before the PC release a couple years ago. Make it possible for people to get 50s again. Thanks.

Honestly with the population I don’t think it’s even possible to get 50 anymore I almost wonder if it would be worth it to just match everyone regardless of overall rank to get in matches faster at least until the population gets bigger again if that even happens.

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You can’t match teams in slayer if you’re solo. A squad of 3 can match 4s, but that’s it. Solos can’t match teams, that would be broken and would ruin the playlist for solos.

The last 7 losses against the same four people I played against in Competitive H3 Team Slayer (as well as countless games in the weeks and months prior to today) that share the same or similar emblems and clantags would suggest otherwise.