Remove sticks and Plasma pistol as startkit?

How annoying is this? You and your friend driving a warthog and you suddenly get sticked from behind the stones and a plasma pistol bullet the next seconds, what follows after this is a 15 sticky manifest on your warthog and you can start all over. Where the hell is the overpowered Warthog we used to know from Halo CE? They took it slowly down right? So the next Halo the Warthog will probably be as strong as an Mongoose in Halo: Reach. Stop this while its possible and remove those sticks and plasma pistols at the starting kit.

How about those stick throwers that throw a stick before even shooting you? Whats up with that noobs? They are annoying as hell. Its the people who cant shoot that throw random sticks everywhere and hope to take you down.
Or the guys that just walk into you and throw a stick that will hit you for sure.

This game is so noob friendly that it’s almost impossible to have some good play.

BTB vehicular play certainly suffers from pps and stickies. Barebones BTB would be the answer at this point. BTB is a big tryhard fest and I hate it. I used to have fun messing around in vehicles now I can’t move 3 feet without trying to avoid a player with a plasma pistol and stickies. None of the aspects in Infinity BTB are fun.

Remove Load-Outs and lets make Halo an Arena Shooter again.

If you want to get rid of one thing, you might as well get rid of the rest. Customising classes has completely destroyed balance in Halo.

As good as an idea as it might be, it isn’t going to happen. 343i will never put itself in that position. 343i knows what a dangerous and slippery slope that would be. You remove one item and multitudes will cry foul and demand other items/weapons to removed. They’d argue that, 343i, you removed that so why not this too?

There is more chance that the PP might be nerfed in so far as it would need to take more shots to have a greater affect on a vehicle. The stickies…well,perhaps having one in the loadout instead of two,like the Pulse Grenade, would be an option 343i would consider as opposed to complete removal.

How does something along the lines of a Classic BTB sound?

Everyone spawns with BR, AR, 2x Frags, Resupply.
The loadoat choice is then between some AA’s, or none at all.

Weapons littered around the map, and Objective modes.

Removing them is a bit harsh. They just need to be adjusted.

Everyone only gets one plasma grenade and buffing the warthog is a good start.

Well locking the secondary and grenades to magnums and frags respectively, while having stickies and PP on map instead seems to be a fair compromise. Even locking just the secondary is a good compromise.

Of course there will be people getting depressed over it, if it were to happen, but only because they’d actually have to a bit careful before charging out to destroy a vehcile…

If Halo 5 doesn’t allow you to start with pp and sticks I’ll be the best driver on the planet. I’m so used to getting my vehicles destroyed by EMP, sticks, and armor lock that I would play so amazing in a game without any of that garbage. I don’t get lasered while in vehicles, I rarely get killed or flipped by rails or rocks, and I rarely die from getting team shot by the DMR while driving. Players would be gods in vehicles come Halo 5 if stickies and pps weren’t in loadouts.

I’d say make plasma pistols start with like 50% charge, and have stickies only spawn you with one.

EditL One stickie, that is. Kinda tired, too lazy to make sense.

Hey -Yoinking!- remove all weapons so we all can stop complain how op all weapons are…

> Hey -Yoinking!- remove all weapons so we all can stop complain how op all weapons are…

Not remove, simply move from loadoats to placed on the map.

How about when you charge up the PP it will automatically fire like the bolt shot, it will also take a huge chunk out of batterey about 25% would do.

How can people die so much from plasma pistols? If you see the person charging then move out of the way, I rarely ever get hit by a plasma pistol.