Remove stalker and mangler from tactical slayer

Why is it so rare to play normal swat noadays? Who likes to play mangler swat and stalker swat over br ? I mean commando and sidekick are fine but other than that all others are just not fun and dont belong in swat.



I like the variety, but BR should definitely be at least 50% of the games.


It’s subjective to think they’re not fun.

Why don’t they belong in swat?

Variants have been around since Halo 2.

Οκ well then have fun never playing br swat ever again. Yes its still in the pool but good luck playing it. Enjoy

Well hold on, just because I’m in favor of the variants staying doesn’t mean I’m in favor of the way the spread works currently,

There needs to be weighting to promote BR as the preferred mode, maybe even a weighting system that favors different modes every day to promote challenge system completion, and there definitely needs to be some tweaks made to some of the modes.


F that. Remove the sidekick, from the game completely. Really we should have ranked swat with just BR and then everything else including some objective play in some social swat playlist.

Just include Swat BR for people who just want to swap with Battle Rifles and leave all the variants in this alone.

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If they could add a ranked tactical slayer thats br only, the rotation of weapons in the social version would probably be tolerated more.


I don’t mind the stalker as much but mangler for sure

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I’ve been getting tons of BR SWAT games.

I liked someone’s idea of rotating one variant of Tactical Slayer every week.

I quite like the variety of different weapons in Tactical Slayer… until you get a challenge that requires kills with a specific weapon. :triumph:

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I like Swat with the different weapons. I actually wouldn’t mind more if they work (bulldog maybe?). BR swat is really boring in my opinion. If they remove challenges requiring playing tactical slayer, then I don’t care what they do.

I really enjoy mangler and stalker swat. I despise commandos and sidekicks aren’t much better.


Stalker’s not my favorite, but I enjoy it occasionally. Mangler I actually really enjoy, though not quite as much as regular BR swat.

I tend to like all the variants. Commandos and Sidekicks I actually find really fun, followed by Manglers and Stalkers. Although when it comes right down to it, BRs feel the most right for that mode.

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I actually love mangler Tactical Slayer, so I really really hope it doesn’t go away. I’d understand for having the desire to que a plylist without it though. But don’t ruin it for the folks that enjoy it!

I think you should just be able to choose the variant you want before you start… with BR as default. I feel the same with all the other game modes. We all know thats the real solution.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Biggest shock for me was coming back to the game and hitting up my tact slayer challenges, only to have to get headshots with a commando.
“Oh this is different” I thought. “Weird that they changed it to the commando”
ques again
starts with a mangler
I don’t know when this update happened or why but. I mean I guess it helps you improve your accuracy with weapons you wouldn’t otherwise typically be using but.
Dude it just feels silly when 4 people are jumping around, strafing and crouching and missing 7 of their mangler shots.
I think I got a the hang of it and started doing well enough with it but it still just felt kinda silly. Bullet travel speed and rate of fire in this particular HS only mode? Idk if it fits.
It sure didn’t make me wanna que tact slayer again.