Remove Sniper From BTB CTF on Recurve

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Take a look at <mark>REDACTED</mark>. 45 kills, 3 deaths. No flag grabs. This dude camped at the sniper spawn the entire game with 2 or 3 of his buddies watching his back at all times. He did not make one single push for the flag, the farthest he ever made it to the second half of the map was the sniper spawn. This on top of the stupidly fast spawning of power weapons made it absolutely impossible to enjoy this game. I’m sorry, but isn’t the point of CTF, Assault, Strongholds, etc. to actually… I don’t know… play for the objective? Call me crazy. Yes, I know slaying is part of the game. Yes I know you need to kill the enemy team in order for your team to have a shot. But that’s not what this was. This was farming. Since spawns really can’t be switched on CTF, all he had to do was take a quick glance at where one person spawned and he could easily get 2 kills. My team was made up of all randoms, so clearly there’s absolutely no coordination. We were only successful in taking over sniper spawn twice all game because of this guy and his buddies camping with a shotgun, CE Pistol, and SMGs (plus the sniper of course). There was nothing we could do, especially since there are only technically 2 paths to get into this room. The grav lift is suicide, their spawn side entrance we inaccessible due to their team spawning there, which left our spawn side entrance being camped constantly.
This has been a problem I’ve had with past halo games too. Putting a sniper on a BTB match in an objective game mode makes absolutely no sense. It promotes stat padding, camping, and overall poor play. I don’t look at this guy and say “WOW! He really took it to us! We lost that match because they were so good!” I look at him and say "This guy has no idea what the words “Capture The Flag” mean. I can handle losing, but I can’t handle unfair play.

Gotta say, I think you might got something here man. I enjoy BTB, but I hate how the sniper spawns at the best spot in the map for it. You’d think the sniper should spawn in an area that it won’t be as immediately effective in.

I understand your frustration OP, but calling out other users is against the forum rules. We don’t like to start witch hunts here :slight_smile: