Remove Quick Play, Replace With Objective Playlist

With a dedicated Slayer playlist there is no need to leave slayer in the grab-bag style playlist that is “Quick Play”

It makes a lot more sense to have an Objective only grab bag until the time comes when we have dedicated objective playlists, how can we get the message through for them to make this change in the interim?

This is fairly basic stuff and I’m really surprised that this has persisted for a couple weeks now.


QP given how the current playlists are should be all the playlists, but random. not just the 4. so including FFA, fiesta, etc…
however i do agree, CTF, ODDBALL, and TERRITORIES should have their own playlists

Look, I get that there’s a certain degree of randomness to the challenges and grab bag style playlist to uhhh…gently encourage…participation. However, leaving Slayer in Quick Play while it has its own dedicated playlist just looks like amateur hour. It’s all quick play…you have tens of thousands of players queuing at any given time…please address!

Someone has to be back from holiday. Again, I get that conditions can be brutal at times and game devs love to put the crunch on their worker bees. Everybody wants to give them a break after meeting their fall deadlines but we need a little additional short-term maintenance beyond addressing the biggest concern of the community: cosmetics. We certainly prefer not to wait til mid-Feb to get a simple shake up of the playlists or an improved social experience.

Infinite has so much potential. Pls do not squander!