Remove Quick Play, Replace With Objective Playlist

With a dedicated Slayer playlist there is no need to leave slayer in the grab-bag style playlist that is “Quick Play”

It makes a lot more sense to have an Objective only grab bag until the time comes when we have dedicated objective playlists (not my favorite idea but that seems to be the direction 343 was intending on taking) how can we get the message through for them to make this change in the interim?

This is fairly basic stuff and I’m really surprised that this has persisted for a couple weeks now.


QP given how the current playlists are should be all the playlists, but random. not just the 4. so including FFA, fiesta, etc…
however i do agree, CTF, ODDBALL, and TERRITORIES should have their own playlists


Look, I get that there’s a certain degree of randomness to the challenges and grab bag style playlist to uhhh…gently encourage…participation. However, leaving Slayer in Quick Play while it has its own dedicated playlist just looks like amateur hour. It’s all quick play…you have tens of thousands of players queuing at any given time…please address!

Someone has to be back from holiday. Again, I get that conditions can be brutal at times and game devs love to put the crunch on their worker bees. Everybody wants to give them a break after meeting their fall deadlines but we need a little additional short-term maintenance beyond addressing the biggest concern of the community: cosmetics. We certainly prefer not to wait til mid-Feb to get a simple shake up of the playlists or an improved social experience.

Infinite has so much potential. Pls do not squander!

Didn’t read but title is a banger, been saying this over and over and over but I know 343 wants to waste our time with these challenges. 6 games of odd ball looking for a capture the flag task… ffs

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Ehhhh I’m not sure about all of them having their own playlist separately. I took what he said is there should be a random sorted objective playlist. Which I agree with.

To be honest I don’t want to be scrolling through all these game modes.

Objective playlist randomly sorted, bring back voting system and done. They just need a pre-game lobby system like Halo 3 or Reach.

They could create separate selections so a slayer tab, with tactical slayer, and Team slayer. But I’m not so sure with that…


I think quick play should be kept, however I think it needs a change. We need to be able to go into it and select what kind of match we are looking for. Very similar to how the social playlist works in MCC. If I want to play CTF I select CTF. If I only want oddball, and slayer I select those two options. If I want to play a variety I select all that apply.

Yeah I suppose I should edit the OP because I don’t really like the idea of dedicated game type queues in objective, that seems to the the direction they were planning on going with the “leaked” or hidden game types and I think they just outright said there would be future playlist changes with a more focused approach,

I like this grouped playlist approach because it does a couple things:

-consolidates player base to keep the match stream flowing

-encourages participation for the sake of participation without making it feel too forced

Sometimes you don’t get the game type you want and that’s fine because the challenge you were going for was “Play any BTB match” or what have you, or you have a backup challenge you can still work on so why not stick the match out. The few players that drop out in the beginning of matches rarely seem to have an impact on the grand scheme, and join-in-progress seems to be working better than I had ever had hope for.

You guys remember the old days where you lose your teammate and you’re just toast? That rarely happens now, thankful grateful blessed

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Back in the day we could see as many as 13 or 14 playlists at a time, which got excessive. I think the only good way to take things a step further with dedicated playlists in Infinite would be something like:

Team slayer
BTB + Variant
Maybe one other, I forgot about permanent fiesta (and also because the number seven)

Team Objective
BTB Objective + Variant

We have eight playlists currently, this would only add a few more and help keep this operation tidier IMO

Hard cap on 12 playlists either way though

Willing to axe something for multi-team as a permanent playlist (hopefully not on rotation)

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This is the correct direction, though I wouldn’t include some of the more eccentric playlists (Fiesta, Tactical Slayer)

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Odd, I got an alert saying a message was flagged and hidden. I don’t think it was wrong to bump the thread after another weekly update and missed opportunity to address the issue this post was created to bring attention to?

How do we actually get the attention of staff in a way that can inspire meaningful change if there aren’t multiple efforts to address the issue? I see a lot of people just whining they can’t pick their exact game type and offering no meaningful input. Go report those posts lol

I wouldn’t say remove quick play, but change it. Add an objective playlist and change quick play to putting you into any game that’s available.

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I’ll make the solution as simple as it can get: Bring back the Match Composer from MCC.
It’s literally perfect. Everyone gets to play the gamemodes they want, whenever they want, however they want.
More freedom, better Overview.


that makes too much sense tbh

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ya know…I don’t expect the playlists to expand from seven or eight to 12 overnight…but this is pretty goofy

are the movers and shakers of this game still on holiday break?

maps? modes? anyone?

Make it happen 343, 20 characters

I actually like playing objective based modes; CTF, Strongholds, etc. - There is no other way to get into one of these matches other than by going to Quick Play.

But as already stated, Slayer has it’s own dedicated playlist. Why mix it in with the objective based matches? Can 343 just make play lists for CTF and the other objective modes?

It’s very annoying to need to quit out to the main menu when i select Quick Play and get a Slayer match…