Remove package from Normal Slayer

Seriously, Where the talent in that game ? Luck ?

There’s should not be any kind of package in that kind of Game.

I have been into games where people rush in hard to get kills and get packages and then when they have their Railgun, shotgun or W/e, Oh hey lets just camp because we have super hardcore weapons and lets ruin the game !

The only weapons that should be available in that type of the are those who spawns normally .

Packages are good things in Big team because its a chaotic type of game where it’s fun having ultra strong weapon , but In normal slayer it just ruins the Fun , and arent we here to have fun where every1 are on a equally feet ?

Been playing Halo since the beginning and it never has been this worsr on the luck side. I mean i’d just go play Zynga poker and push all-in with 7-2 , will be even funnier.

Not a fan of ordnances at all. I miss weapon spawns on the map. I think timed spawns are great. Its mind blowing to me how many people will sit and wait and wait for a sniper to spawn under ragnarok. Timed spawns make more sense as well as pre established weapons on the map. For example the spartan laser spawn on ragnarok encourages players to get to the middle and hold the map.

also I hate how fast weapons disappear after you die.

Dude. First off, I don’t see why you’re complaining. In other Halos, it was luck whether you were alive or dead, or even close to the guns when they dropped; also, personal ordnance ain’t that bad. IF you’re good at the game, you get ordnance. I’ve gone matches without getting any amount of ordnance at all.