Remove or reposition rockets on Monolith

Hey 343: Every time I play Monolith I think, “This should be a great map.” But its just a constant rocket camp-fest. I stopped voting for it after the first week because its so damn frustrating.

Put sword or gravity hammer in place of the rocket spawn and this map would be awesome. That or put the rocket drop on top of the central structure (with only 2 rockets) As it is, you end up with two beam rifles hanging back and everyone else fighting for the center ground. People hang inside, just waiting the whole damn game. Could you imagine how great this map would play if more of the map were consistently used?

I don’t think it is as bad on landfall. Yes, those rocks get camped, too, but it’s more open and there tend to be better battles over trying to gain them when they drop.

The frequency of the drop is too short. Leave it longer between rocket spawns and they won’t be camped so much or be such an overwhelming factor deciding the win.

I say this based on a few CTF games i’ve played on it recently and noticed how ridiculously quick they seemed to spawn.

I didn’t time though… which i shall in future just to make a comparison to other maps and game types