Remove obvious slurs from chat?

I get not filtering text chat by default, because who cares about curse words when you’re an adult.
But being able to spam the “N Word” all game and brag about ban evasion is a bit much.

Does 343 not take automatic actions against that? I reported the player but still.


yeah, slurs should be automatic bans. i don’t see any reasons they shouldn’t


Hard agree, show them the banhammer


Yea people get let off to easy on this game. The amount of time me and my friends report some one whos being incredibly racist and gets away with it is a joke

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Same thing to the Xbox party chat (although this is up to Microsoft).


You realise how close B is to N? An automatic ban for a typo doesn’t sounds good.


Nobody suggested that. But if it is something that comes up in a players chat logs multiple times in a single game I think its an easy fix.

fair, but should automatically be sent in for investigation

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Well my friends and I Use TeamSpeak VOIP like in Halo Infinite. Why? It’s free and we can turn off the voice chat and turn off the text chat so we don’t have to put up with that crap! Works for us! :+1:

You can run your own Teamspeak voice chat server and the client free! That is what we do! It’s a no brainer! :slight_smile:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

That’s the main point of this thread. Remove obvious slurs so we don’t have to put up with this (as you said).

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Halo should be a social game. Infinite having these things disabled by default is terrible for the game. No thanks.

Not for my friends. We have been doing it since Halo Combat Evolved. Everyone is welcome to join us.
( u will just have to deal with us old farts if you do join us lol )

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Would at least be cool if we had access to the blacklist in the game files that we could add to ourselves so if there are slurs that are missed we can manually throw them in

Sure seems like just that was suggested. Anyway, absolutely not, no one should receive a ban for words. Bans should be for cheaters/hackers not people using spicy language that someone might get offended by. Add in a filtering option that lets people create a list of things they don’t want to see so their game will **** any of those words for them, but under no circumstances should anyone receive a ban just for typing in words in the chat others don’t like.

there should at least be some consequence for saying slurs. maybe 343 should have a list of wires that can’t be typed in, such as the slurs

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There should not be any kind of action. You should be able to mute that person as I can certainly understand being annoyed by that. But no, that is not banworthy.

343 completely disagrees with you - since the “Halo Spartan Code” outlines how this is not allowed, but at least you were willing to bite the bullet on that part. Truth is things have changed a lot online since the early 2000s.

I remember the Wild West days of Xbox Live on Halo 2 and Modern Warfare. It could certainly be annoying at times, but for the most part it was a fun environment. No one worried about losing their account or the ability to play a game they paid money for because they were saying spicy things. But now with many companies deciding that using certain words is banworthy is online gaming really better? When is the last time you went into an online match and people actually talked to each other? Everyone just segregates themselves to an Xbox Live Party Chat or uses a 3rd party chat system on PC like Discord or Teamspeak. There’s no more actually meeting new people and making friends which I did all the time on Live for the OG Xbox and the early 360 years.

While I agree gaming companies have continued to make their games less and less social, I dont think stopping someone from typing racial slurs every other word would stop that.

Appreciate your input to the conversation.