Remove/Nerf these things:

Any time I am killed by a certain weapon/vehicle it clearly is unfair, unbalanced, OP, and is ruining Halo. I assure you, it’s not because the other guy was better than me, obviously 343 doesn’t know what they’re doing or I would have no deaths whatsoever. I say remove all weapons and vehicles, who’s with me?

OH OH OH Why don’t we reskin banshees with unicorns and let them shoot rainbows that on contact gives you a little star and the mission is to make the sky full of stars !


Weapons are ruining Halo. All game modes should be melee only.

I couldn’t agree more! The spartans should wear bras, tinfoil hats, throw around a red balloon, and compliment each other!! I think it would be the best multiplayer in existence!