Remove melee from Team Snipers?

I find it annoying that most players in the team snipers game mode will constantly just run at u to kill u with melee than actually play with the sniper. They got no confidence in their sniping ability so they win the game by hiding around corners to hot u in the back, always chase u down to hit u if ur shields r down and even just run straight at u to get a double melee on u. Doesnt feel like theres much incentive to use the sniper in this game mode. It feels toxic, i thought snipers was a cool way to practice sniping? It feels like the enemy wants to win at any cost regardless if it has any dignity.

So i would say that this is the goal. Winning is all that matters and you should try your hardest and never give up no matter the odds.

If you want a game that have “honor” in its PvP any From Software game will usually get you that. Most people respect 1v1s and if you emote they will emote back. But looking for dignity in an FPS game probably isn’t going to happen.

I attack on the emote… I’m invading you…

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I don’t care about melee but it could be fun to have a mode with out melee.

Yes, that’s how online games work. More often than not Honor Codes don’t exist, and to put it simply: Anakin and Obi-Wan are the teachers for these people if you get my drift.

The rule of online games is to win at any cost WITHOUT cheating. If it is part of the game it is fair game.

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Meh it’s fine. I’ll body shot melee someone all day. People can do it to me too, and won’t get mad. just part of the game.

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