Remove Lobby Music?

One of my pet hates in online MP games is lobby music. You go to get a drink or you are trying to get a party together in the lobby and all you can hear is the theme music. Interesting the first 5 times, not after thousands of matches.

I would very much appreciate the option to mute the lobby music or change the music volume relative to all other sound.

Halo should take a Super Smash Bros. approach and allow you to change the background music.

I just want a setting that gives me the ability to adjust/mute music in the whole game, not just parts, the WHOLE GAME, cause I really dislike loud -Yoink- main menu music.

How about quality menu music like Halo 3 had, with the ability to adjust the volume to your liking.

I wouldn’t necessarily want to get rid of the music entirely. Although, I wish it would be changeable in the options menu.