Remove invisibility in the Normal Slayer

Just ruins the fun , no challenge , no talent required , only noobs uses it and their proud of it.

Please 343 , make this game require a lil bit of talent like in the halo 2/ 3 .

Remove all armor abilities.

> <mark>Remove all armor abilities.</mark>

There’s a simple workaround to what you’re suggesting here.

1 > remove your Halo 4 Disk
2 > insert your Halo 3 Disk
3 > PROFIT!?

Only noobs get killed by AC.

See what I did there? Sweeping general statements are not nice, nor do they lend ANY credibility to your argument.

Except for one bug, AC is a very easy AA to counter, even without easy-mode Promethean Vision. Of course, if it does glitch then none of the dummy blips come up, which can make it unfair, but that is a GLITCH. i.e. not working as intended.

AC is fine. It’s the fact that a number of the other AAs are total junk (or useful and spammable) that make the whole balance thing a problem.

Buy a bigger and/or higher resolution TV, replace your video cable with one that supports HD, or learn to distinguish a cloaked form on your current TV. It’s not all that hard.

It should be in an ordinance drop. The fact that you can be invisible at the touch of a button while being able to call in power weapon (i.e. sniper/beam rifle)in ordinance drops is what annoys me about it. You should have to make that choice when selecting your ordinance. Do I want to be invis or have a sniper. Invis snipers on Ragnarok gets old really really fast.

And I find PV (aka wall hack) a stupid AA as well. You shouldn’t be able to run around seeing through walls. If it scanned out then went away it would be fine. Use it twice then it needs to recharge. Seems as of now you can damn near run around the majority of the game seeing through walls.

I agree with removing armor abilities for a certain (competitive) playlist. It makes the game so much more about strategy and skill. I still love this game but the thing I wish was different was all the invisible campers and jetpackers and stuff. I want it to be more like halo 3 and 2 and get back to its roots instead of like call of duty

They have Promethean Vision to counter this you know? It’s part of the game and sandbox. Not trying to be a jerk, but… if people are having problems with this, then Promethean Vision is the answer.

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