I was in a game of SO, and had to quit due to two people thinking it was funny to splatter me and another guy with their ghosts. I couldn’t even spawn without one of them killing me and died 20 times. 343 why in the hell did you keep friendly splattering if you removed friendly fire.

I think they should keep it. It allows you to teach those AFK’s a lesson if there’s a vehicle in the mission.

I find it amusing that I can splatter my teammates with the ghost without using boost, but if i boost into the enemy they don’t even lose their shields. Not that I teamkill intentionally.

HAhahahaha. I’m sorry. I hate betraying but 20 times? Even I find that funny.

How is it… that in that instance…



Keep it and bring back friendly fire.

Getting splattered the way you explained happens maybe once out of hundred or so games. It has yet to happen to me.

ehhhh, I’m neutral on it, on one hand, it will stop people from being absolute jerks in non-friendly fire modes like Spartan Ops (I have been ran over once but that guy said sorry in to the mic, but I forgive him nonetheless because I have done it a couple times before, today I did it once in Dominion because I wasn’t paying attention and ran over a teammate when I got a ghost. Stupid me. But on the other hand, you can just annoy the AFKers for not doing anything and just boosting XP. Which would be really fun to do unless they boot you.

Also remove the ability to harm an ally’s vehicle in modes with Firendly Fire off.

I was running up to a wraith about to hijack it, used the hardlight shield against the turret fighting towards it, then intentionally splatterd by a teammate -_-

The ghost needs some work. I am annoyed at how often I’ll speed towards an enemy, have them survive somehow, then I’ll turn around or back up, without boosting, and accidentally splatter one or two teammates. It’s absurd.

Man, I feel for you, OP. I mean, I’ve accidently splattered my people team before, but never on purpose. And never that many times.

Some people just like ruining the game for others. I know that I am a big advocate of “playing for fun”, but if that is your definition of fun, just get out.

That last part was not directed at anyone in this thread.

I don’t know why it’s even on – very frustrating when tm’s jump in my way and get splattered. Also, as mentioned earlier: turn off friendly fire on vehicles; very annoying when trolls shoot at friendly vehicles.

boot them…