Remove Customization Restrictions on all armor and armor core colors

Please let us have full on customization with any armor and any color even with armor cores.
Destiny 2 has it.
Division 2 has it.
Outriders has it.

You had a full on extra year to think about this.


How about just give us the ability to choose our own colors instead of being stuck with what we have.


with how they’re selling colors already… not gonna happen.
As they say in other games that do this, it will be unfair to players that have already paid for them.

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don’t see how you can’t unlock color customization and just have the coatings as ‘default’ color for that set… and allow us the player to creat custom armor coatings using those…

As with literally every game that does this, just reimburse them the currency value in-game. They lose nothing and people are only happy


true story - the armor core system is so dumb…


or they could give people who bought them the colors that they had… there’s multipl ways to do it.

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Very true, seems like there’s 5 ways to fix everything and they’re doing none of them


There’s no money in it.

Oh no there’s money in it, they just don’t want to put the effort in. There are tons of games that have done monetization through customization right and still rake in the money years after, Warframe is a good example with how it sells entire palettes of colors and accessory armor pieces that aren’t restrictive.


but then… how else would 343/moneysoft get more money? they gotta pay for food. and also, it’s a business afterall :3


It’s just about armor and colors… Not about everything that is in the shop should be free. Even it should be unlockable through the game process.

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Before the Game released, I 100% assumed it would be this way.
It never even crossed my mind that there even “could” be a system like Armor Cores…


Give the people what they want


no no, i’m aware. but i was just saying that they have to make money somehow. even if it means being lazy and re-selling the samething but for a different armor core

Cheers I’ll drink to that bro

And that’s how to break your own neck cause not that numbers of people like it

doesn’t mean they wont do it though. i mean… they’re already re-selling BLUE for the cores. like the yori core
just because not many like it, as long as a select few do either like it or not mind it, they’l keep doing it

It needs to happen they can make their money easily without restricting player expression as well as player creativity by limiting every single thing possible the armor coatings shouldn’t even really exist it should only be the store coatings for instance the fanatic armor coating and the FaZe clan armor coating and things like that cloud 9 esports those are armor coatings and it makes sense why those ones exist however the player should have the option to create their own armor coating there are seven individual slots on the armor that change the color of the arm the player should have free reign to change those colors up as much as they want and with the fact that there is camouflages available to put on top of very specific pieces of armor not even just the whole armor set but you can pick and choose where you want the camouflage to be and you can even have gold plating on your armor as well this game has the ability to be extremely great when it comes to customization however they have restricted it so much so that people hate it

If they do, they better make a new color out of thin air, that is the coolest :poop: anyone has ever seen, and give it only to sr152 players in place of Watchdog. Every grey toned armor coating already looks like it, or better.