Remove Big Team Battle Win Challenges

These challenges don’t seem to be that fun to try to complete. My match history now shows 36 BTB and 4 are the game mode I have a challenge win for (Stonkpile). The 4 I queued into we lost bad; 3-0s and 3-1s, while I felt I was doing my best to win. While the game modes are all fun, the incentive to stick in non-Stockpile matches got worse and worse as the hours went on (and time to complete challenge ran out). This doesn’t create a fun experience if you want to complete a challenge, but turns into a frustrating grind to participate in matches and not back out. While most challenges seem to get checked off “if you just play the game” and occasionally focus on them (I’ll pay closer attention to this weapon spawn since I need X kills) and encourage trying different game modes or strategies/weapons, when the last one you have is a BTB win, in my experience I’ve been playing the hell out of the game and am no closer to succeeding. It’s a pretty frustrating time thinking that I can’t really change anything I’m doing to get closer, and again while it’s fun game it’s hard to ignore that.

The random nature of BTB in results, and the chance of queuing a game mode you need doesn’t really create a “challenge”, but more of a “hopefully I get lucky in multiple ways right now”. The “complete X BTB game modes” while I was still surprising unlucky queuing the ones I need, it felt like I could “just play the game” and knock off challenges.

8 hours in BTB feels like a ‘common’ challenge should certainly be able to be completed. Now this one will go unearned and I feel like I had no real way to accomplish it.

The problem is Stockpile is probably the worst game mode ever made honestly. I think it was introduced in Halo 4 but I never even saw it pop up in matchmaking. It should go back to that. The mode is absolutely awful.