Removal of OP Vehicles

At least for certain playlists / gametypes… in BTB Infinity, with all the insane ordinance drops and power weapons, the vehicles aren’t as big of an issue since almost anyone should be able to coordinate destruction of the opponent’s vehicles fairly quickly


It doesn’t matter what map or gametype (anything less than 6v6), the amount of vehicles and the time at which they respawn is ridiculous. Teams can easily vehicle -Yoink!- the entire match and there’s not much that can be done against a banshee, mantis, warthog and ghosts flying around you on Ragnarok (this map is the worst at this, especially in 5v5 CTF and KotH). Even if, say a Mantis, is destroyed once, I’ve been in games where a team has had their mantis respawn three separate times; it’s an entirely OP vehicle in the first place, honestly, but that’s a topic for another thread.

I know some of you will say “use your plasma pistol lol,” but this solution still reverts back to how 6 six vehicles respawn much more quickly and plentifully than the power weapons required to take them down.

One could also say, “oh, it just takes a few DMR / BR mags to take them down.” Yeah, you’re right, but even if I unload my entire BR / DMR clip into a vehicle immediately after I spawn, it’s still not enough to entirely destroy a vehicle unless it already has damage done to it. By time I wasted 3-4 mags of DMR rounds, I’ve done just about enough to piss off whoever is navigating that vehicle and they now know exactly where you are and you’re essentially defenseless against these speeding death dealing machines. You could coordinate a concentrated team effort to DMR the hell out of a towering mech mantis, but my blood pressure is already too high to scream more obscenities at deaf teammates without mics.

All this is a foot soldier’s nightmare in a world where power weapons hardly respawn, if at all, and is given only a measly plasma pistol and told to destroy a fleet.