Removal of good medals, adding bad ones.

So as many people have stated, the medals in this game are inadequate.

Previous games, I would gain 4 medals and I would be ecstatic and excited, a feat like that was not easy to come by. Now, my screen is covered with medals. I get 4 medals every other kill! Its ridiculous.

At the end of the game, I check my record and see my medals which I find fun, comparing my headshots with previous game or my record for stickies in one game. Now its flooded with useless medals! Grenade kill? Generic kill?! This isn’t Halo, this is preschool where they make sure to give every child a participation medals!

Not only that, the best medals are gone! Headshot, Sniper headshot, Sticky kill, and perfection of all things! All of those thought out and unique medals are replaced with blatant and dull medals.

I don’t care about how many “generic kills” I got, I don’t care how many times I killed someone reloading, I don’t care if I get “revenge”, these are just fillers to make up for the fact the real medals are gone.

343, you have left me with another sadface :frowning:

No one agrees with me?

I just posted about this too. It is ridiculous. Reach added so many good medals and now they are all gone and more.

As my best friend used to say about Killjoy when it first started, why get a medal for someone else being good?

Same now for Comeback Kill. Hey, you just died a whole bunch, but here’s a medal for finally getting a kill.

I’m not saying these things should be taken out, some of them are funny, but I agree that good ones, such as OP listed, could be added back in.

P.S. – I think my favorite new one has been Hail Mary for long-range grenade kills.

If you ask me, Reach didn’t add that many good ones. They added things like assist sprees, and new spree medals which I like, but I dislike this “Revenge”, “Reload this” and all those other filler medals.

I’m talking about all the spree medals it had. I loved the sniper sprees and wheelmen sprees.

Don’t agree.

Plus perfection is now part of commendations. I’ve gotten one, and it told me that I’d leveled it up (first rank apparently was one perfection)

I totally agree, Halo 3 ODST had the best medals overall! The only others ones that I would add in would be Hail Mary (get a grenade kill from a long distance), wingman, assist, and a few of the spawn-related ones. Other than that Halo 4 makes so many medals in the game that nobody cares about what they get. I get 40/50 medals in game which is crazy. If got 20 medals in Halo 3/Reach I’d freak out. I shouldn’t be getting medals for generic kills! If they were gonna put that many medals in the game there should be “primary medals,” which are the harder ones to get like double kill, triple kill, sticky, sniper headshot, hail mary… and sub-medals are in a different category and aren’t counted as real medals in the post stat report (generic kills, distraction, etc.)

> Don’t agree.
> Plus perfection is now part of commendations. I’ve gotten one, and it told me that I’d leveled it up (first rank apparently was one perfection)

Seriously? That is not an excuse. If you didn’t care about medals before, that’s fine, but that’s not a good enough reason to say they shouldn’t do anything. Also when that commendation gets maxed out it will be useless. Medals kept counting forever.

> No one agrees with me?

I am loving Halo 4 and I have to agree with you.

Yesterday I was playing a game of big team on Ragnarok and played it careful the entire match, finished with 24 kills and 0 deaths. I scoured my post game medals excited to have gotten a Pefection so early and yep, it’s not there! Perfection in commendation form doesn’t make up for it, either.

Very odd that they don’t have a headshot medal but there’s such thing as a generic kill medal.

EDIT: Nevermind the headshot medal is in fact in the game. Don’t know how I missed that.

So many medals but no medals chest to see how many you’ve got in total, same with weapon K/D tallies.

How do they do such a good job with some things and do this to others. :C

I don’t like to complain, bc that’s all that seems to go on here, but the OP is right. Whoever thought sorting thru 50 some medals a match would feel rewarding needs to get in touch with reality.

I really miss the Halo 3 medal chest. Bungie knew what was up.

Agreed. Medals in this game don’t feel as rewarding as previous installments. And is it just me, or are the medals extremely hard to decipher in-game? I can’t even tell what medal I just got because they all look very similar to each other.

Also agree. The medals are buried in the inventory and even when you find them, you feel like they don’t mean anything. You can’t find ones to be proud in the sea of, “yes, I killed someone” type medals. And what the blam!? A Generic Kill medal?!?! Giving a medal for a generic kill?! What’s the point?! They need to at least sort the medals in categories or in order of most impressive to least.

The point system is built around getting score from medals to unlock ordinance. Generic Kills give 5 points, that’s why you get them.

Comeback kill is a stupid reward, but you get extra points with it to help you “comeback” from a bad situation. Same with Killjoy. Keeps the games more competitive, and the more competitive the better.

I would also like to see a medal chest and perfections displayed in medals. It’s fun to compare with my friends on the hard to get ones.

Bungie had it all right. They really did. The medals and how you look at them in waypoint is crap. I doubt they will change a thing. I don’t even know if they care.:confused:

xD All of the easy to acquire medals such as “grenade kill” and “generic kill” should be considered “ribbons” :3 d’awwwww so you have like [Ribbons] easy [Medals] semi difficult [Commendations] difficult. EH? EH? :smiley: I agree with teh OP however. The amount of medals could be scaled down 343i regardless of the ordinance system; you can still give someone +5 points without them getting a lame medal for it.