Reminder: 73 Days until Halo 5 launches!

In approximately 70 days, we will have Halo 5 in our hands, mark those calendars people!

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Ugh seems like an eternity.

I’m not liking these threads. I know it’s in 2 months, but you’re adding time to my thought process here. 73 days, compared to me thinking ‘hey, 2 months, that’s like 60 days!’, then going about my day, then seeing you adding 2 weeks, come on man, stop going for free post additions to your roster.

I want it to be zero… :frowning:

It’s good the Fall season is finally starting with Black ops beta, then Gears in 9 days, then Metal Gear the week after, then Destiny, then Rainbow. So hopefully those games make time fly by and I know they will

O_O So close and yet so far…