Remember when

This community had dignity, and was mature?

And when in a group could destroy any COD fan boy?

And when they community was together and not shoving grunts up each other’s -Yoinks!-?

Pepperidge farm remembers

wait…we used to be a community?

That was when Halo was good.

Even so, I don’t remember it being too much of what you said.

Hah, no it was never like that at all. Remember halo I do, the community was never like what your saying.

Things will return to the way they were. It will just take time.

The community may appear to be in chaos but thats only on these forums. Halo 4 was and is one of the greatest shooters of 2012.

Nope. And it depends which community your refering to. If you mean the forums then deff not. We have always had bashers and hate threads etc. Even some of the complaints are the same or have the same meaning from past complaint threads in past halo games. The only thing thats changed is we grew. Which in return makes the complainers seem more. But they are just louder.

If your refering to the halo community as a whole then yes we are still very much like that. We have people communicating in games we have people answer honest questions even though they seem like no brainers heck when castle DLC dropped i saw threads AND people in game helping eachother for an achievement.