Remember when the creative director left dev?

Clearly we weren’t the only ones disappointed with where the series is headed. Sure, he stated the game wasn’t his only reason for leaving, but none-the-less when you leave a company you don’t bad mouth it if you want to have some sort of credibility left.

> 343 Industries has assembled an all-star cast of talent working on “Halo 4” under the design leadership of Studio and <mark>“Halo 4” Creative Director, Josh Holmes.</mark> We’re excited to tell the next story in the “Halo” universe with “Halo 4” as the first game in the Reclaimer Trilogy. <mark>Ryan Payton, who left earlier this summer, served as Narrative Designer on “Halo 4”</mark> for 15 months. Armando Troisi was hired as the “Halo 4” Narrative Director in March, having formerly served as the Lead Cinematic Designer on “Mass Effect 2.” Ryan has been a great friend and colleague during his tenure at 343 Industries and we appreciate his contributions to the team. We wish Ryan the best in his new game development venture.

He may have left 343i but if i worked there, trust me i would developed halo series with pleasure and fun.

Clever guy.

Remember when their weren’t mass amounts of people complaining about a Halo game directly after launch?

Neither do I…