Remember The Plasma Repeater?

It was such a poor addition to Halo Reach.

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The only thing wrong with it, in my opinion, was the slow rate of fire when it heated up (which was a bit too quickly). That being said, I would gladly have it back in replacement of Halo: Infinite’s Pulse Carbine.

Interestingly, the Plasma Repeater had a cool down feature similar to that of a Reload. I only just found that out last year, 10 years after its release.


I don’t mind the plasma repeater to be honest. A couple of days ago I was actually able to make decent use of it during multiplayer, albeit against some less skilled players, but it still got the job done and was fun to use something different for a change.

Another little fun fact about the plasma repeater, and it took me a long time to discover this, on your HUD underneath the aiming reticle is a very small overheat bar that you can use to keep track of its heat instead of looking up at the bar in the corner. It’s very small and hard to notice, and it’s probably not the most useful thing, but it’s there!