Remember the Good Old Days

What was your favorite Halo 5 memory? This can be any memory before the Overtime Content/Weapon Tuning Update. This Is because the game was really fun in the beginning and I just watched all the DLC Trailers and made me want to play the game all over again. However, I remembered the tuned weapons and thought “yeah no thanks.” So I’m curious as to what the community’s favorite memories are/were. To start, mine was the Battle Rifle. I miss it so much.

RIP banshee. went from a extremely high skill cap agile vehicle to a slow moving easy target death trap

When breakout was a masterpeice, why did it have to change!!!

When there was a time where I destroyed a Wasp with a Ground Pound in Warzone…

Good good, the more memories the better (:

Out of game: watching all the updates slowly improve the game was oddly satisfying
in game: either splattering a weak banshee with a scout hog (like 2 years ago) or any of my flying tank clips
in group: 12 man teams grinding out the final hours of getting the Achilles chest piece and loudly celebrating once we did, that was pretty cool.

those were just some memories in halo 5 I’ve had. As for the nerfs, yea… I did miss when the needler could get a triple kill without reloading, or when the whiplash had like 25 ammo and never missed, or when you couldn’t shoot people off your vehicles.

i also remember when Rumble rockets and BTB were ranked.

Killtrocity in BTB with spartan laser lol so good.

When I wasn’t cautious about using legendary reqs

Oh, here’s another good one: when you’re forced to bail out of your vehicle out in the open…and everything works out perfectly.

Looking at the title screen the first day the game came out