Remember Perfect Dark weapons?

Website list:

Youtube video:

I was thinking about how much I loved Perfect Dark when it first came out. Each weapon had a secondary function, great weapon ideas. And I thought Halo 4 could use some of these ideas. Thus, I searched the web for a list and video to get some nostalgia and some ideas for Halo 4. I saw that alot of games uses ideas from this great game.

Weapons inspired from PD:

Mauler charged shot. The new Boltshot has a charged shot.
CMP150: Has a lock-on feature. Seems implemented thru the Tracker armor-mod.
RC: cloaking 2nd function, used as an AA
Laptop Gun: you could argue that the AA sentry is like this but it isnt nearly as strong as the laptop gun.
Farsight Gun: Promethean Vision without the one shot kill.

Weapons that should/maybe be added: (just the mechanics of the weapon not the actual weapon)

MagSec4 had a secondary 3 round burst. That would be a sweet add-on to the beloved Magnum.
Phoenixs. Dual Phoenixs was my favorite weapon all time. Switch to secondary function and watch people fall to their knees. This would be OP in Halo but its just so great of a weapon.
Cyclone: Remember this, lol
LAPTOP GUN: this was amazing especially when you use its secondary turret function. So awesome.
Dragon: Great machine gun and you could throw it on the floor as a proxy mine. ( I always threw them on Dragon spawns, lol)

I don’t feel like naming more similarities and ideas that I saw. But so much of the FPS shooters came from this game for me.