Remember lockout? Well it's back for halo 4!

I am sure you all remember Lockout from back in the day when we were all playing Halo 2, well NOW IT’S BACK AND FOR FREE! You can download it for free and play it with all your friends under custom matches.


  1. click on the file brower tab (you find this by clicking the start button and then scroll down to setting & files menu - last one on right)

2)go down and select map variants

3)go down and select file share search

4)type in DLESEL for the gamertag and then hit search

5)select and download lockout v5.1 as well as any other awesome maps this guy created


i was under the impression that the fileshares still didnt work?

edit: i guess it does work! and the map is pretty cool.

Even bringing back one of the greatest maps ever created, I can’t enjoy it like I did in halo 2. This game doesn’t do it justice.

Yeah you’re right. But it’s sort of like an ancestor to one of the greatest beings alive. It might not be the original, but it brings some good feelings back.

Just downloaded. Unfortunately, it’s not too great for the following reasons:

>The use of prefab buildings is a bad idea, as the scaling is wrong on them.

>Where did the glass windows in the center go? I’ve seen like 5 Lockout remakes so far, and not a single one has included the glass window. This was an important part of the map. If you’re gonna make a REMAKE, don’t be lazy.

>Where’s the fusion coils. These played a large part in map flow, especially on top-snipe.

>Lift base is way too big

>The use of hard-death barriers in areas is a bad idea, especially with the jetpack as an option in loadouts.

>Additionally, I found gaps in the death barrier, and escaped the map. Didn’t even look in forge, just by messing around with jetpack.

>Found a good amount of Z-fighting, especially in bottom-middle.

>A lot of the textures look sloppy, and don’t flow well with each other. The map needs better aesthetics. The rocks on top of the library look especially sloppy, as they’re just copy/pasta’d in the same orientation.

Overall: 3.5/10 - Would not bang.

Threads about customs maps (and other community created content)maps should should be put up in the Community Creations forum

Remember to rock out with your Lockout! (No this joke is not dirty, how dare you think otherwise!)