A simple argument of how remastering would be a win-win for everyone.
1.) I’m not too sure what who remasters the games, nor how much it takes, but the amount of money a standalone Halo Reach game would make would surpass the initial budget
2.) Since it’s an old game, sell it at a cheaper price. 30 dollars, 25 dollars. Old members get some armor piece, new players are welcome, etc etc. Multiple and great ways to market such a creation.
3) Why a standalone game? Halo MCC did one thing kinda very wrong, and it was multiplayer. Yes, the nostalgia was amazing. It was great. Hell, I only got to play Halo 3 when I was younger, but I still loved it. Although, in my opinion, (Feel free to make you’re own, I would love to hear from everyone) the combination of the all the games in one voting lobby seemed kind of sloppy. Having a standalone Halo Reach game can revive the entire competitive Matchmaking community, bring back Arena, and revive Invasion, (which is one of my personal favorites) while carrying over your stats from the other versions. You may ask, what would make it different from the backward compatibility. The entire marketing, to be honest. I know it may seem ridiculous, but bringing it back for the Xbox One at 60fps can serve as a great marketing campaign to revive a game that is…
4) And possibly the biggest point, the community is still alive. We’re reaching an 8-year mark soon, and the game has more players than Halo 4 would want to have and Halo 5’s community is dwindling. The amount of players that have been wanting this is immense and everyone would get back on it. Maybe paying 30 for a 60fps version of the game that is already backward compatible may seem too much, so reduce it to 20 as a “DLC”, to conform to the people that will complain it’s too much. New players can join too and it’d be a great way to celebrate 10 years of an amazing game. Bringing back Halo Reach is not only a great win for the players- who have been wanting this since the games 5-year anniversary mark- but for the developers too because they could profit so much from selling the game and marketing it.

I’m throwing this out there because I really care about this game, I want to see the community thriving in it once more because it has been holding on for so damn long. I may seem stupid and planning this may seem stupid as well, but imagine it… a revival of nostalgia, playlists and years of fun coming back. A standalone copy for the Xbox One, making it thrive once more. If I have to pay 20 dollars to see that “X amount of Players” online number to multiply by 4 or maybe 5, I will sure do it. Remeber…the last good Bungie game. Why not revive something beautiful… and see it thrive.

There’s a thread already open on this, feel free to leave your thoughts there: