Remapping the Ping feat. to RB changes everything

They have to map the ping button to RB in the button layout pre settings. It completely changed how I play and I feel it instantly improved the teamwork of the whole group. With Ping on RB it’s in the muscle memory of your finger after one game and you can do it without interrupting any of your normal gameplay. It’s insane.

On D-Pad, it’s a dead feature, but on a different position, in my case RB, it’s 100% natural, and I always do it now the millisecond I start to shoot someone and you can literally see how this gives your team an orientation and they immediately rush the spots to help and it improves the whole round dramatically.

I doubted the ping feature in Halo when it was announced and I felt proven by the release and the D-Pad position, but my god, just moving this to a better position changes everything.